Classical Artist Paul S Brown to Exhibit at Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, and Antique Show

One of London’s favourite classical realist artists Paul S. Brown is exhibiting his works at the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, and Antique Show.

Known for his ability to capture life in exquisite detail, and having studied at the Florence Academy of Art which is renowned for training artists in Classical Realism, Paul remains today one of the Academy’s greatest legacies.

Following the traditions of Classical Realism, he painstakingly prepares his paints by hand, carefully selecting pigments and oils to ensure that his pictures live up to his firmly held principles of artistic integrity.

His focus is on universal beauty, which he finds in a variety of subject matter – most recently in the leisurely pursuits of fine wine and field sports through to the nude.

Tiger, Oil on Canvas, 34x73 in, 2010

His mastery of the nude manifests in the stunning piece Tiger (85 x 186cm), an oil on canvas which features a voluptuous female nude lying back against a sleek tiger skin.

Of the nude genre, Paul comments , “Figures are the pinnacle of artistic investigation. It’s where you put all your powers to full force. There’s no messing around. It’s a way of being in league with the painters you love, of doing justice to the learning you received from them.

Paul’s most recent exhibition MMX, held at W.H. Patterson, October 2010, was met with the highest acclaim, hailed by Fieldsports as “a testament to (his)  artistic discipline and integrity… reinforcing his position as a leading contemporary artist….(with) all the style of a master of the modern day.”

The artist is available to receive commission requests which he is able to tailor to each individual.  W. H. Patterson will also be exhibiting Paul’s work at Palm Beach Jewellery, Art and Antique Show in February, Art Chicago at the end of April, and the Aspen Art and Antiques show in July of this year.

Paul S has been exhibiting his unique talent at the W. H. Patterson Gallery, 19 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BB, for over a decade.  His works are priced to suit both the collector and first time buyer, ranging from £1,500 to £49,500.