SmoothMED: Rewinding 10 Years Time in 30 Minutes or Less

It’s 10:15 a.m., and as you sit hungry at your desk pondering what to have for lunch, salad or sushi, pizza or pad thai, let me suggest some noontime fare that conceivably you have never had before: Botox, Juvederm and Restalyne.

Not your typical lunch options, but as you gaze into your computer screen at those more than discernible crow’s feet and frown lines, perhaps they should be. And in this amazing city, rather than wait 30 minutes for Seamless Web delivery, you can instead be beautified and back to work without rushing to your scheduled appointment or adding to your waistline.

Magazine covers abound with photographs of and tag-lines surrounding this celebrity’s botox battle or that celebrity’s not-so-secret nose job. Non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedures are the cat’s meow, and more and more women are pouring into doctor’s offices desirous of Angelina Jolie’s lips or Ashlee Simpson’s nose. Guilty of having similar wants, the thought of bigger, fuller lips has always intrigued me. Although no celebrity am I, if Kim Kardashian can do it, why can’t Michelle Gomolin put a little more pucker in her pout?

I had done a significant amount of research and was considering a few physicians in the city, but it was not until seeing a girlfriend who had her lips “done” at SmoothMED that I finalized my decision. SmoothMED, a cosmetic candy shop on 59th Street, is “the fastest and most efficient Botox NYC can offer…expert Botox treatments and/or injectable facial fillers in a safe medical setting in 30 minutes or less. No appointments needed.” They offer a range of procedures such as Botox, injectables and fillers, laser rejuvenation, DYSPORT, Latisse and Cosmeceuticals; it is one of New York’s premier one-stop beauty shops for minor cosmetic procedures.

I coaxed my best friend into the treatment as well, and we jumped on the 4/5 for our first foray into injectables. Upon walking through the door we were greeted by Ashley, the office coordinator. Warm, courteous and responsive, she allayed our fears and assured us we would not end up resembling members of the Anatidae (duck) family. We were then seen by Dr. Jack Berdy, who with a lovely bed-side manner, explained the differences between the various fillers, the potential side effects and what our realistic expectations should be. Tacit compliance ensued.

Dr. Berdy numbed our lips with a topical anesthetic and 10 minutes later began to inject. We both opted for a full syringe of Prevelle in our top lips, as we wanted a slight change but nothing too discernible. The procedure was entirely painless, we had no bruising or swelling, and we actually left his office and went to the gym. Door-to-door, we were in and out in approximately 25 minutes with perfect, plumper lips and an incredible experience.

My top lip definitely has a fuller appearance, but the filler did not change my appearance or the shape of my lips. No one would look at me and know I had anything done; a few people commented that something looked different, but no one could peg it. Suffice to say, I am hooked on SmoothMED, and next time I am unsure of what to do on my lunch break, I know where I am headed.

SmoothMED- “Providing expert Botox and facial fillers on the go…”

111 East 59th Street, 212-371-SMOO (7666),

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