Resolutions Are Haute

Let’s be honest. There are as many resolutions swirling around as there are stars in the galaxy; however, the one at the top of just about everyone’s list is to lose weight. The new year means a new you and new beginnings. The gyms are packed with people trying to sweat out their sins and accomplish their No. 1 goal of the year.

Although physical activity is a crucial part of getting tight, toned and tinier; there is one thing that is pertinent in order to succeed. Exercising self-discipline and by this I mean the hand to mouth exercise. Your habits and making healthy choices is what can turn your whole life around. Eating proper, sensible, balanced and nutritious meals are the only way to help that hard work flourish.

The way to start this off is, breakfast. Skinny healthy  b*tches eat breakfast. Your momma was not lying when she told you it is the most important meal of the day, but you have to do it by getting protein into your body first.

High-quality protein foods (i.e. the incredible edible egg) will jumpstart your metabolism if it the first thing to enter your body everyday. It gives a greater sense of sustained fullness throughout the day and helps a person to be more energetic. The music to my ears is that by eating breakfast it is more effective in maintaining lean body mass.

Make breakfast part of your resolution. Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you all of life’s many blessings. Until next time my friends, visit To health and wellness, Salute.