Pats Playoff Tickets $9568. Beating the Jets? Priceless.

We have been a bit spoiled by the Patriots over the past decade.  Prior to this millennium, opportunities to see the Patriots in the post season were few and far between.  And Super Bowl hopes were a very rare occasion.  And winning the Super Bowl?  Well, it never happened.

But in the age of the era of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the Patriots aspiration and domination have been much, much different. Three Super Bowl wins, a perfect regular season (only to be ruined by a loss in the Super Bowl) are just highlights skimming the surface of some seriously great record breaking football playing. So you may have taken for granted over the regular season that the Pats would be seen once again in the post season.  (Okay, maybe you didn’t think they would do as well as they did, but you anticipated a showing in the playoffs at the very least). So now that the first playoff game is before us on Sunday, January 16 at 430PM, you find yourself without tickets or an invitation to the game.  And with all the trash talk the New York Jets are spewing, it truly would be much more satisfying to see the Pats reign over the Jets no matter what the temperature might be during the game.

So how do you go about getting the best seats in the house when money is no object but your buddy’s tickets are already spoken for and all your business contacts are now unreachable?  Head to the internet to the legal scalpers, reseller companies like Ace Tickets and StubHub appear to be your best resource – particularly since bogus tickets have shown up earlier in the season by way of craigslist.

So how much will a ticket run you at this late hour?  As of this writing, tickets on will run you between $129 and $950 per ticket.  The low end will get you way up in the nose bleed seat for an aerial view of the action while the high end tickets will give you either 15th row from the field by the 40 yard line on the Patriots sideline or, for more comfort but not as close of a look, club seating on the Jets sideline which includes special accommodations such as its own bathrooms, upscale concessions, a VIP lounge and bar as well as easier access in and out of the stadium.

Tickets on, which are sold by individual who choose their pricing run from $140  to $9568 per ticket. The low end will get you the same nose bleed seating while the high-end offers Pats sideline seating 35 rows up near the 10 yard line.  Outside of the $9568 per ticket price, pricing between the two sites is very similar with StubHub offering more tickets for sale at this time.

So whether you bundle up and be a part of the experience in person or choose another locale to take in the game in perhaps more comfort, the question remains.  Which would be more satisfying: winning the game and progressing further in the playoffs or successfully stopping the New York Jets in their post season run?  I think both would feel pretty good.