Must-Have Valentine’s Day Dinner Plans

When the holiday season finally wraps up, we all know what’s coming next…Valentine’s Day. While exciting for some and dreadful for others, there is no reason to sit home without grabbing a drink, at least! For my second consecutive year without a significant other, my single friends and I are on our way to creating a Valentine’s Day tradition. Believe me, partaking in this beats sitting at home eating last night’s leftovers and watching a sad movie all by yourself.

As far as the tradition goes there are two rules we have all agreed upon: pick a restaurant that each of us have never been to, and make sure the wine and cocktail lists are up to par with the night’s celebration. While there are thousands of places to choose in New York City to plan this night, I’ve found the perfect selection. This past New Year’s Eve I went to a party at a Midtown East located restaurant called Zengo. Featuring Latin-Asian cuisine, my friends and I rang in the new year with amazing food in an exceptionally beautiful atmosphere. We celebrated in all three stories of the restaurant, including the mezzanine-level sake and sochu lounge, the middle dining room and the basement-level tequila bar.

If it weren’t for our only two Valentine’s Day rules, I would certainly be going back to Zengo. I truly could not think of a better place to spend a night of celebrating important relationships, on a predictably cold New York City night.

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