Jewelry Designer Loree Rodkin Going Strong in Miami

by Eric Christian

How many of you are familiar with Loree Rodkin’s famous jewelry designs? Does being the first designer to design jewelry for First Lady Michelle Obama ring a bell?  Well, being in the luxury retail business for years, I know I sure am.

The Los Angeles based designer has been designing jewelry for nearly 20 years, starting out designing for rock-n-roll bands and heavy hitter clients like Cher, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Elton John, and many more. Rodkin’s magnificent creations range from $2,000 to $25,000 and are made with platinum, gold, silver, black diamonds, and diamonds to name a few.

Known for her unique, one-of-a kind designs with a combination of modern and medieval themes that are intertwined with rock-n-roll flair, Loree’s first line was carried by world famous boutique, Maxfield in Los Angeles.  Soon after that, Loree’s designs soon hit New York and then made a big splash in sunny Miami! People were ranting and raving about Loree’s designs and how cool and different they were. Department stores and luxury boutiques were all trying to get a piece of Loree Rodkin but only a few boutiques were given that coveted opportunity. Those boutiques today are Oxgene boutique in Bal Harbour, Alchemist in South Beach, and Sauvage downtown. Loree wanted to make sure that her designs were marketed as a high-end luxury. It is not important for Loree to be in 20 stores but to be in 3 of the most exclusive stores. Robin LeMesurier sales director for Loree Rodkin says, “Sales results have been great, especially in the South Florida region.”

Loree’s designs have become a “staple” in Miami’s who’s who scene and amongst the rich and famous..So why not add Loree Rodkin to your collection?

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