Haute Yachts: Axcell 650 Catamaran Sport Yacht

Imagine a boat that blends the advantages of a catamaran with the thrill of a Hovercraft. That’s the Axcell 650 Catamaran Sport Yacht.

Measuring 66’5” with the swim platform, the Axcell 650 is the result of a collaboration between MACS Research and noted megayacht designer J.C. Espinosa. Like all catamarans, the yacht features twin hulls that cut through the water efficiently for a smooth ride. A twist comes in the form of what MACS Research calls HybridAir Technology, which it has patented. The hulls employ a Hovercraft lift fan, pumping air into their already-air-cushioned cavities. In a nutshell, the additional air helps the Axcell 650 switch into high-performance planing mode, meaning the hulls rise up a bit more out of the water. When you’re at the helm, you still get a well-mannered yacht, but one that is now capable of a reported 36-knot cruise speed and a 40-knot top end. Of course, the twin 1,150-hp Caterpillar engines play a big part in that, too.

The Axcell 650’s catamaran design further translates into a spacious interior. In fact, the 20’8” beam should ensure you and your four overnight guests have plenty of room to dine and relax. The dining area is particularly nice, outfitted with a wood sole and benefitting from lots of natural light. You’ll also appreciate how the windows to each side of the pilothouse, as well as the window aft of it, can drop down, letting breezes circulate. A sunroof aids in this regard, too. (Of course, the yacht has air-conditioning, but if the weather’s nice, why not take advantage of the fresh air?)

The overall decor is more along the lines of a higher-end motoryacht, with fine fabrics, leathers, and hardwoods. Another high-end motoryacht feature: a tender garage, housing a 16-foot RIB.

Pricing for the Axcell 650 starts at $3.695 million, with a variety of customizable options. You can see the yacht for yourself at the upcoming Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami from Feb. 17 to 21.