Haute Toys: Munk Bogballe Luxury Laptops

Munk Bogballe is a maker of fine-luxury handcrafted mobile computers and bags. The company is driven by a passion for beauty, quality and simplicity. Munk Bogballe is known for combining modern production technologies with a traditional principle for craftsmanship; they have created the world’s finest and most exclusive mobile computer in the market. The company has found a unique way of combining leather, wood and precious metals to pull together the classic luxury design.

Munk Bogballe offers four different colors to their unique design; Royal, Passion, Elegance and Emerald. The brand stays true to using calf leather, mahogany and aluminum in all its designs. The on/off button comes in the person’s choice of 18-karat gold, 18-karat gold with ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond or freshwater pearl. The all-in-one keyboard surface is made of a material called pur, which makes the keys easily felt under the surface to ensure typing accuracy.

The great thing about this brand is that each mobile computer is made to order, so no two people will be walking around with the same kind. Other features include a 13.4-inch display screen, 4GB memory, 500 GB storage and ultra-light weight at 2.35 kg, among other features. For more information and ordering, visit www.munkbogballe.com.