Haute Toys: Louis Vuitton Cigar Case

The ultra-chic Louis Vuitton label is known for its impeccable taste for designing long-lasting Monogram Classic handbags, luggage, shoes and accessories. The posh brand recently designed a special Monogram LV case for cigar connoisseurs.

The unique cigar case is made of Mahogany with Macassar ebony veneer finish and pear tree wood accents; it stores 150 high quality rolls of tobacco to precision. The cedar lining adds a first-rate feature of humidity control creating an exceptional humidification system. To keep true to the uniqueness of the Louis Vuitton label, this special cigar case will be a limited edition; only a few good men will have the pleasure to light up to the one of a kind design. It retails for $3,416 and can be purchased at louisvuitton.com or at participating Louis Vuitton boutiques.