Haute Toys: Limited Edition Amarone Bottega Luxury Wine

Distilleria Bottega is famous for their luscious grapes and has been in the Guinness Book of World Records for their fine wines. The Italian-based company wanted to do something a little special for their elite clients. Professionals at Bottega teamed up with American designer Denise Focil to create a new limited edition luxury wine called Amarone Bottega, Il vino Prêt-á-porter.

Amarone Bottega is a red wine created from a mixture of different vines, the most essential being Veronese Corvina, of which 40 to 70 percent is present in the wine. The Rondinella grapes, of which is 20 to 40 percent, and the Molinara grapes, of which is 5 to 25 percent are used as well. The superlative wine is described as having a supple full-bodied flavor with a flowery bouquet, a slight hint of almonds and clear touch of spice.

What sets this Amarone apart from the others is the vintage one-of-a-kind suitcase it comes in. The white-leather case is encrusted with metal studs and features a metal plaque with the ‘Alpinestars logo engraved on it by Denise Focil. So this way it’s easy to ship it and sip it. For more information visit http://www.alexander.it/.