Haute Secrets Boston: Kathy Sidell Trustman

Haute Secrets Boston Name: Kathy Sidell Trustman

The stats: Born and raised in Boston, currently in Brookline

Why she loves Boston: It is my Home!!!!

Owner of The Metropolitan Club in Chestnut Hill, The Met Bar & Grill in Natick and Dedham and Met Back Bay, Kathy Sidell Trustman wasn’t always in the restaurant game, though it was in her blood. Prior to opening The Metropolitan Club, she was a film producer bringing to life shorts and documentaries. But, having grown up the daughter of Jack Sidell, a highly influential financial backer of many upstart eateries from the 1960’s on, Kathy had always wanted to own a restaurant of her own. An accomplished cook herself, her passion for food and the service industry is felt in all of her establishments, known for a refreshing balance of comfort foods in an comfortable upscale setting. Check out Kathy Sidell Trustman’s favorite haute spots in Boston at Haute Secrets.