Expensive Obsession: Shamballa Jewels

Shamballa Jewels started in 1994 when Mads Kornerup opened a single store on Rue de Sevigne in Paris with a collection of ancient Indian and modern Scandinavian-inspired designs. In the recent years Shamballa Jewels has become known for its macramé braided bracelets that feature 18k gold balls with precious stones.  Supermodel Helena Christensen was the first public figure to wear a full pavé bracelet out when she donned it at the Oscars; Tthis was the match that indeed ignited the brand’s success.

Over the years Shamballa Jewels has adorned many star clients including Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Heidi Klum, Boris Becker, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mary-Kate Olsen. We have been following the designs of Shamballa Jewels in leading fashion magazines such as: Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, Vogue Espana, V-Magazine, V-Man, Interview, Haute Living,  InStyle, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, WWD, and many others.

The theme of the Shamballa Jewels collections is the energy of creation, symbolized by the Star of Shamballa and the Thunderbolt. The Star represents the female creative energy of the universe and the Thunderbolt the male firepower of creation.  The two symbols are present throughout the collection as a red thread, embedded or carved within the gold, and surrounded with precious gemstones. By wearing either symbol, you invite the possibility of connecting to the energy of creation.  Mads once said: “When formulating the designs, my goal is to remind the mind and body of its natural ability to open and heal. When wearing a piece you enhance the possibility of being reminded.”

These stunning and stylish pieces are a unique mix between jewelry and spirituality. Inspired by the Buddhist and Tibetan traditions, yoga and meditation, the jewels incorporate ancient symbols supposed to remind us of the fundamental values of the life  such as love, condolence and tolerance. At the present time, Shamballa Jewels collections are available throughout the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Denmark.

Are you ready to get yours?  The solid black piece is on our wish list; and even though we were only able to try it on at Barneys New York we sure have felt the energy the pieces carry, along with the price tag…

The prices range anywhere from $3,000.00 (single brown pave diamond bead) to $56,000.00 (white gold and pave diamond bead bracelet with four solid white gold beads). The line is also available online at www.barneys.com, www.colette.fr, www.londonjewelers.com, www.montaignemarket.com, and www.westime.com.

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