Seriously Awesome Skin

Raleigh Taufer of Seriously Awesome Skin

It’s the quick fix that all the celebs use in prep for red carpet catwalks. The bt-Cocktail Lift is a three-part skin energy system resulting in an immediate, firmer, and youthful appearance. It incorporates the use of the bt-Micro, an ultrasonic skin peeling treatment and micro current device to exfoliate and provide maximum product penetration. In layman terms, it awakens your cells, minimizes pores and reduces appearance of fine lines with out the surgical lift.

Not many in Hawaii offer this service and if they do, it’s rare they get it right. You see, it takes extreme precision and attention to detail almost like an actual surgery therefore estheticians should be aptly focused and keenly aware of facial proportion. Oahu based, Raleigh Taufer of Seriously Awesome Skin is one of the few skin care specialists in the state to offer the bt-Cocktail Lift. For almost a decade, Taufer’s worked in skincare, even training with leading Seattle-based dermatologist, Dr. Anna Ragaz. Under Ragaz’ instruction, Taufer learned about the magical anti-aging benefits of micro-current therapy. And now, Taufer delivers this age defying device and service to his clients’ doorstep.

I of course had to try it and well, after just one treatment, my skin looked and felt like it did when I was 25. In fact, I received immediate positive and inquisitive reaction upon stepping out post-treatment. My glow, soft skin, line free and poreless appearance lasted for a solid week and it’s safe to say that Taufer is the latest addition to my glam squad speed dial list.

Opt for the bt-Cocktail Lift in dyer times like I did or for lasting affects, a series of treatments is recommended. And, after a series expect up to 80% reduction of pore size and number of visible pores, up to 70% reduction of deep lines and wrinkles and around a 40% reduction of fine lines plus improvement of elasticity.

“The bt-Cocktail Lift is one of the best treatments you can do to maintain firm facial muscle tone and a youthful appearance. I’ve been using micro-current on myself for eight years and at 34, people think I’m still in my 20s. Healthy looking skin has never been so easy to achieve. It’s the perfect anti-aging solution without having to go under the knife,” says Taufer.

A lift can be enjoyed on it’s own or in conjunction with the bt-Cocktail Facial. The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the canvas followed by the bt-analyze process which evaluates five areas of the face and neck: forehead, crows feet, below the cheek bone, chin and neck observing the level of hydration and overall skin care needs. Following the analysis, the entire face is exfoliated using bt-Micro in upward strokes for thorough peeling and waste removal. Restyfluid is then generously applied to the entire face and neck in preparation for the bt-Nano lifting movements that strategically assist in gaining maximum contour in the common areas of concern; eyes, cheek jaw lines and nasal labial fold.

The bt-Cocktail Lift is concluded with a three-step energy serum system, which increases the flow of oxygen in your skin, enhances collagen production, repairs DNA damage and repairs cells by eliminating excess toxins.

Following the bt-Cocktail Lift you’ll see immediate results such as radiant skin, a rosy glow and an all-around fresh face. Personally, my skin felt tighter, softer and more youthful almost instantly. The bt-Cocktail Lift is one treatment any skin conscious person should try at least once.

Contact Raleigh to book your bt-Cocktail facial at 808.989.1624 or e-mail him at Cost is $75 per treatment.