Xenia’s World: The Return of Burlesque

Thematic editorial pic by Pino Gomes

The Burlesque trend is going strong again. Maybe because we were all craving for the comeback of soft curves after decades of skinny models, or maybe we’ve had enough of emancipated superwomen: for sure burlesque striptease queens symbolize submission and servility.

Do you remember Lady Marmalade? Christina Aguilera does it again (trying to save her career from the flop of Bionic), this time with Cher in a Hollywood production. And pin-up symbol Dita Von Teese is currently at the top of her career at 38.

The difference between these modern day burlesque symbols and simple pole dancers is that these contemporary icons are unreachable and idealized, which brings them closer to a form of art.  I’m sure musicians, painters and designers won’t miss it. Say hello to ‘50s and corsets.