What’s Haute: Stephanie Oakes Dishes on the Newest Health and Fitness Trends

Health and fitness guru Stephanie Oakes may be a Dallasite, but she frequently visits her other home in New York City to appear on such programs as The Today Show to update the nation on the latest in health trends. As for her forecast for 2011, Oakes has a few must-haves on her list. Here’s a sneak peek at what she’ll reveal on Today after the holidays.

1. Treadmills are back, though not for running. Incline classes are getting    more popular to get in shape for winter sports like skiing and hiking. Participants raise the incline steadily throughout a 45 minute class, mimicking the kind of exercise one gets on an uphill trek. Classes available at Equinox.

2. The viPR classes at Equinox are exclusive to the gym until 2012 and have been in the works for 10 years. The viPR is a tube-like exercise apparatus used to mimic movements people get while doing a variety of sports, creating a high-energy cardio workout for a variety of muscle groups. The Duke University lacrosse team is known to use this item during training.

3. In fashion news, less is more as coats lose their bulk and fit tighter to the body using breathable materials. New clothing line Thrive uses 45 percent bamboo in their clothing, and local line  Body Rio (http://www.bodyrio.com/) is coming out with a new line of one-size-fits-all Brazilian yoga wear at the end of the month. Lisa Moore’s new Cover Clothing line offers fun, athletic sun dresses with SPF 50 for full skin protection. (http://www.coverclothing.com)

Stephanie Oakes is currently working on her health and fitness book for children as well as the charity for Dr. Cooper’s Fitness Gram for students. Read more about Stephanie Oakes’ fave Dallas spots at Haute Secrets.