Trust in David August for a Guaranteed Wynn Win!


Of all the things my staff and I bring to the table when dressing some of the most powerful men in the world, the simple fact that they trust us is perhaps the most gratifying.

So, when Steve Wynn asked me to retool his wardrobe, it was with great pride that I flew to Las Vegas to meet with possibly the most influential man in the storied history of Sin City since, dare I say, Sinatra.

As I sat down with the man who almost single-handedly picked up Las Vegas by its collective britches and spearheaded the dramatic resurgence and expansion of the Strip in the 1990s, I was once again reminded that he was putting his trust in my hands – that it would ultimately be my sense of style. For that, I am grateful.

At David August we do this daily. That is, blend our expertise in fine men’s clothing with the characteristics, style, and subtleties that make up the personalities of these industry leaders.

Whether it’s a simple conversation to gain first-hand knowledge of their likes and dislikes, a glance inside their closet to see their current wardrobe, or even something as distinctive as the type of art that’s hanging on their walls, we are able to discern which direction to take each client as they start experiencing the David August collection.

Our team includes the finest master tailors in the world who meticulously handcraft each piece of clothing with exquisite detail and unmatched precision. Every fabric choice, every line, every stitch is our obsession. Every accessory, from shoes, belts, ties, and knitwear are considered and planned to perfection. It’s for these reasons that we at David August have become world-renowned for our style, attention-to-detail, and unmatched quality.

As in the case of the great Steve Wynn, as well as those before him who have grown to trust David August, the simple pleasure in knowing they need not look in a mirror to know they look great each and every day, is the ultimate fashion compliment.

Best Wishes,

David Heil

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