A Taste of Southern France Arrives in Dubai with La Petite Maison

Delicious Nicoise flavors from the South of France have arrived in Dubai in the form of the hugely successful Mayfair restaurant La Petite Maison. Located in a lovely niche in DIFC’s Gate Village close to various art galleries and fashion boutiques and away from the confusion of Sheikh Zayed road, this piece of France recreates the charming atmosphere of a French brasserie.

La Petite Maison first opened in Nice in 1988 and has since established itself as one of Mayfair London’s most popular restaurants. Brought to Dubai by the Waney Family, the very same people who brought Zuma to the UAE, La Petite Maison is almost identical to its London sister in atmosphere and decor. On the walls are pleasantly hanged tasteful modern art works, typical white-clothed brasserie style tables cover the floor while the long and well-stocked bar extends all the way to the entrance. The setting gives off a lovely, warm and intercontinental feel which is, of course, very South of France.

Once your eyes revel in the charming ambiance and congenial service, you’ll be in awe by the quality and care in which each plate is served. The Buratta servie Tiede avec des Tomatoes Camone is so delicious you’d think you had been whisked to Southern Italy and back; one taste and you’ll vow to return. For starters try as well the Fine Tranches de Saumon Marines sprinkled with pink peppercorns, the Carpaccio de Coquille de St. Jacques,  and the Aubergines Grillees, Mozzarella et Crevettes au Pistou, grilled aubergine with mozzarella, prawns and pesto. Plenty of options are tempting for the main course. The Macaroni aux Truffes are exceptional as is the Turbot aux Artichauts Barigoule made with an artichoke, chorizo, white wine and olive sauce. The dessert menu couldn’t be more enticing; offering staple French desserts such as Creme brulee and tarte fine, try as well the coulis de fruits rouges and the pain pardu avec et sa glaces aux epices, French toast with spiced ice cream.

La Petite Maison is an exceptional culinary addition to Dubai’s restaurant scene and offers the care, service and culinary refinement much needed to this city in the desert. Already immensely popular, be sure to book for lunch or dinner.

DIFC, Dubai 04 439 0505