Horticulture Center Reopens For Galas and Special Events

Once the jewel of the Fairmount Park system, the Horticulture Center was erected in 1976 for the Bicentennial and served as a stunning greenhouse and exhibition hall. Popular for private events, such as weddings and charity events, the center sadly fell into disrepair as the costs of maintaining the unique structure took its toll. But the community wouldn’t allow the loss, rehab began and on Tuesday, October 26, the center reopened as an event destination.

The City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Fairmount Park Conservancy and Stephen Starr Events hosted the grand re-opening. Attended by Philadelphia influencers, trendsetters and tastemakers, the event showcased the facility’s numerous advantages for both social and corporate events while highlighting the Horticulture Center’s latest green initiatives. The redesigned Horticulture Center seeks to reclaim its reputation as the area’s premiere special events destination, and with the cobination or good looks and great food, it’s sure to do just that.

Angela McCaffery, Emily Bittenbender, Stephanie Craighead
Gina Conoshenti , Dawn Hirsch, Pam Yaller, Heather Zeiger
George Kakas, Leila Miller, Donna O’Brien, Brian Toner, Maya Shumar
Bernard and Eileen Brunwasser, Chris Palmer
Justin Covington, Kerry Galaton, Morgan Kister, Colleen Covington

The Horticulture Center is located at North Horticultural Drive and Montgomery Avenue in Philadelphia. For information on booking an event, contact Stephen Starr Events at 267-886-1474.