Haute Event: Luncheon with Sofia Vergara and Chef Stuart O’Keeffe

On a gorgeous tuesday afternoon, I’ve joined Sofia Vergara and Chef Stuart O’Keeffe for an intimate luncheon to celebrate the launch of the Tupperware SmartSteamer. 

The event was held in a beautiful Pacific Palisades home overlooking the ocean. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara helped Chef Stuart O’Keeffe (of Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills) cooked a delicious lunch using the latest Tupperware product: the SmartSteamer. The SmartSteamer is the brand new Tupperware product that cooks food using steam. A very healthy way to prepare food!

The duo prepared an incredible meal  for the guests. The menu included olive tapenade,Tuscan white bean dip,spicy lime chicken with aragula sald and warm potato salad. My favorite was the dessert: a sinfully delicious crème caramel.