Grander, Older, and Better: The Hotel Del Coronado

If you’re anywhere near Coronado, you’ve seen the Hotel Del. With it’s iconic red-shingled peaks, arches, flags, and sprawling space down the beach, you absolutely cannot miss this incredible resort, and hopefully if you were lucky, you were staying inside it’s lovely walls.

Since it’s construction over 100 years ago, The Hotel Del Coronado has been a pinnacle of elegance and society, with standards only matched by historical impressiveness. It’s rare for a National Historical Landmark to also be fully operating today, but the Hotel Del is one of those rarities. With famous guests gracing it’s walls and still hovering in ghostly presence such as Marilyn Monroe and various presidents, this amazing resort not only offers up luxury and comfort to it’s guests, but it also seems almost like staying at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. With the fateful tale of guest Kate Morgan checking in…and still being checked in since 1892, you can bet that this is not your run-of-the-mill stay experience.

The Hotel Del today is still up and running on the top of the luxury curve, though, not just offering up history as it’s main amenity. With over 750 guest rooms in their huge 65,000 square foot property, you can bet that all means of modern perks are floating around these hallways, amidst the historical aristocracy and ghostly presences. Their widely-acclaimed spa calls to lovers of pampering while their signature restaurant, 1500 Ocean, is among the absolute top-notch list of restaurants in all of San Diego.

It’s hard to achieve that old-money feel in a new space, and The Hotel Del Coronado has one amenity that is pretty hard for others to match, and that’s legitimate refinement through time and impeccable taste cultviatved over a century of serving only the best, to the best. If you’re headed to Coronado, you need to check in to the Hotel Del, and see the way it should be done.

Hotel del Coronado
1500 Orange Ave
Coronado, CA 92118
Call: 1 800 468 3533