PopImpressKA at the Empire Hotel

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the celebration PopImpressKA, produced by the always fashionable Jordana Hazan, was held atop of the critically acclaimed Empire Hotel. Throughout the evening we were inspired by the words and life journeys of the event participants and attendees.

The main focus throughout the evening was an art showcase by up and coming artist Olga Papkovitch, whose artwork was sold with 5% of proceeds going towards Breast Cancer Awareness. We got to know a little about Olga & how she started her bright career. Originating from St.Petersburg, Russia she decided to make a move to the US. After graduating from Sierra Nevada College she moved to NYC. Olga shared that “Life brought me to different places to be a better person. My greatest accomplishment was Locks of Love. My paintings were sold in a live auction & all donations went to the charity. My purpose is to change peoples lives.”

Olga Papkovitch with models styled by FLOR

Many other talents with personal stories participated for the cause. Such as New York’s own DJ Commish, who shared that his sister-in-law had cancer. He kept the crowd on their feet dancing to his beats. Sergio D’LaRosa, a passionate photographer and creator of the charity project “In the Heart of” which launches in January 2011, said “I love to capture a memory with a photo.”

Sergio D'LaRosa with his work, Image courtesy of www.puertadivina.com

In keeping to the Olga’s tone of the evening as positive influence, Chris Luna, a dating & relationship coach shared his way of changing lives. As president of Craft of Charisma he helps people transform lives by finding love. “By teaching people to set goals for positive experiences, they will learn that they need to be confident, social & flexible. Always remember don’t wait for the other person to make a move, introduce yourself!”

Kim Mesches Design, Image courtesy of Kimbo-studio.com

Designer Kim Mesches attended with an ever fashionable entourage and inspiring life story. Having started as an associate designer for the lovely Anne Bowen, he gained the experience needed to step out on his own. Kim, 21, best known for his customized sneakers for well known celebrities, is the founder of a new clothing line KIMBO.  Taking a look at his latest collection there’s Alexander Wang meeting with what Kim describes as “clothes for a chic downtown girl with some edge.” Kim has a refreshing outlook on his career in a way that we are sure to be seeing his designs down the runway next Fashion Week.

To find out more ways you can make a difference for Breast Cancer Awareness, check out www.nbcam.org.