By the Slice: The Top 5 Pizza Restaurants in Hawaii

Americans consume an average of 22.5 pounds of pizza annually and essentially 90-acres of pizza per day. I mean, isn’t pizza pretty much every ones favorite food? C’mon admit it. Although Hawaii is a pacific island-chain and you’d think we’d stick to a more tropically inspired diet of fish, fresh fruit and locally-grown veggies, we too have our fair share of pizza cravings. No matter where you are in the world, pizza is a perfect post-beach eat, sport-spectator bite, and late-night indulgence. And, here in Hawaii we’ve really upped the ante on the pizza front. Yes, there’s more to us than pineapple and Canadian ham Hawaiian pie. Let’s Eat! Take a bite out of Pizza by the Slice: The Top 5 Pizza Restaurants in Hawaii.