Sugar Shock: The Haute 5 Desserts in Moscow

Sometimes life should be slightly sweetened. Dessert is a safe way to do so. Sophisticated and homemade, ethereal and fruity — desserts and puddings exist in all possible forms and types, from savory to sweet. Here’s a look at the Haute 5 places to find desserts in Moscow.

Vogue Café

Named after famous fashion magazine, Vogue Café offers an extremely light and delicate treats. Wild strawberry soup with vanilla ice cream have remained favorites of Moscow fashionistas for many years. It seems like it will never go out of fashion.

Vogue Café, 7/9, Kuznetsky Most, +7 495 623 17 01.

Pushkin Restaurant
This is a real paradise for dessert lovers. Sometimes looking at the dessert trolley here, you can’t tell what it is in front of you: a mousse, a cake, a tart. It’s truly a pastry chef’s  fantasy. One of the best examples is the Pushkin. Under the glossy dome are crispy layers of dark chocolate over hidden layers of berry jelly and ice cream who knows what else, but it’s divine.

Pushkin Restaurant,

Scandinavia Café
It was one of Moscow’s first premium restaurants offers new and unusual dishes. The signature dessert at Scandinavia is absolutely mouthwatering. Three sorbet or ice cream scoops are served in a giant cup under a fluffy blanket of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Then chef generously adds sour sauce with blackberry-strawberry flavor. So, despite the cream and chocolate, the dessert seems very light.

Scandinavia Cafe,

Gallery Cafe
After finishing dinner in Gallery, ask for a dessert called Agent Provocateur. Chef wishes to keep it a secret what is hiding behind such kinky name, but who would have thought that panna cotta can be that enticing! I can say no more.

Gallery Café,

Casta Diva Restaurant
The best treat on the menu in that lavish Casta Diva Restaurant is ricotta cake with raspberries and hibiscus jelly. The Russian edition of Time Out magazine named it the best dessert of the year for its visual form. The classical taste of Italian cheesecake is covered with meringue, hibiscus jelly, sorbet and balsamic, all prepared in multi-layered composition. The homemade jam in which sorbet is served makes the combination pleasantly unusual.

Casta Diva, 26 Tverskoy Blvd.,