Soho Hits Sobe: Soho Beach House Opens Its Doors to Founder Members

Soho Beach House

There’s something ever appealing about the members only concept. The infinite desire to belong or the exponentially building curiosity that bubbles within those on the outside looking in doesn’t ever seem to fade. Perhaps this is why the Soho Houses have worked so well. Tonight, the latest addition to the SH family, The Soho Beach House, opens it’s doors to the chosen ones; those who have been selected to baptize the house as Founder Members.

The Soho Beach House brings a new dimension to Miami Beach, offering a sort of safe house for like-minded individuals with shared interests in art, fashion, and other intricacies of life; industry folk, so to speak. With every amenity the world has come to expect from a Soho House outpost, including several rooms for chatting, eating, sipping or screening; a Cowshed-branded spa; a boutique and a hotel consisting of 50, already sold out, guestrooms, the SBH seems a promising addition to the SoBe landscape, enjoying similar success as the houses have in London, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin.

In the vision of founder Nick Jones, the property will be a second home to its denizens who are sure to set up camp at any of the posh common areas and spend hours entertaining friends, or themselves; hosting meetings, or film screenings; or perhaps, wading in the water of the rooftop pool, while dodging glances from onlookers at the neighboring Fontainebleau pool.

To those who won’t make tonight’s festivities, visit to inquire about your chances at purchasing a membership and perhaps we’ll catch you at the next shindig. In the interim, please note, the hotel, should you be able to get a room, is open to public. booking.