Lotions and Potions: Harrods Gain Wonder Cream From a Private Reserve So Good It’s Like Stardust

None of us want to be likened to Michelle Phiffer’s character, Lamia, in the movie Stardust who spent her life on a tragic quest for eternal beauty.

Still, when we get wind of a cream that promises to eradicate wrinkles and improve texture and firmness, and has proven to give extraordinary and unprecedented results, we can’t help but jump with joy and rub our hands wickedly together with glee.

Granted, we’ve heard it all before but Private Reserve that is being released from the esteemed Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s personal private reserve has a reputation of doing wonderful things.

This hand-blended serum has been developed following 10 years of development and is said to truly transform skin by improving texture, tone, firmness, radiance, smoothness, lines, and wrinkles.

By combining the power of his Cold Plasma delivery system with five of his gold standard Neuropeptides, Dr. Perricone’s serum has been proven to “truly transform” 81 percent of user’s skin using just a few drops.

But, like the fallen star Lamia sought, which promised eternal youthfulness but would turn to dust in the wrong hands, the serum is only available for a limited period to London’s most exclusive shoppers. Head down to Harrods where you’ll be able to get your hands on two 15ml bottles of Private Reserve at £595 where the serum was made available this week.

Until now this concentrated serum was only available to Dr. Perricone’s own high profile clients upon special request. Private Reserve is made in tiny hand made batches very infrequently and never before has it been on offer to the general public

Speaking on his limited release, Dr. Perricone said, “This limited edition Neuropeptide Serum is my personal formula, which until now has only been available to some of the most famous faces in the world. Private Reserve delivers extraordinary benefits and instantly gorgeous, radiant skin. And like the finest vintage wines, it ensures your skin continues to improve with time.”