Haute Locks

I have definitely washed my locks with every shampoo there is, coated my cuticle with every conditioner known to man, and then spritzed every mousse, spray gel and volumizer into my hair and never have I ever been able to lock it down and commit. Sadly, the perpetual bachelor and I are somewhat synonymous.

I find a new product, use it for about a month and quickly grow tired of it because it is too tacky, suffocating or no longer interest me. Ultimately, I have finally found the cure when it comes to my hair and I am totally head over heels for Moroccan Oil products. Let’s call it the Aston Martin of hair if you will.

My fixation started with the oil treatment, which strengthens and conditions, revives shine and reduces drying time. All three things I needed because I dye my hair, wash it and use styling tools daily, and have been trying to overcome the daunting task of growing it out; which until now I have not been able to overcome. As the months went on my hair started to shine, my dead ends became scarce and my hair grew along with my obsession.

Thus leading me to delve in deeper and give the shampoo and conditioner a whirl. I immediately fell in love and my daily shower experience has been changed forever. Every person who showers in my home is encouraged to use it and enjoy. Honestly, my sister loved it so much she could not get out of the shower fast enough to order it.

Moroccan Oil changes lives one follicle at a time. Let me know what you think. After all everyone has to have a little constant luxury in their life. Until next time my friends, visit www.raylenebartolacci.com. To health and wellness, salute.