Ciao, Miami. Coltorti Brings a Storied Italian History to the Shops at 1111 Lincoln Road

Miami has never really been considered a fashion destination, per se. The world seems to fail to understand the shopping power of a state surrounded by water and the people who take up residence in the water-front properties; some of which I’m sure you’ve seen (if not drooled over) within the pages of Haute Living Magazine. Over time, however, retail giants–those with significant foresight–have invested in the city. Developers with knowhow (read: Robert Wennett) have constructed venues, like 1111 Lincoln, to house such retail gems; case in point: Century-old Italian fashion stronghold, Coltorti.

Coltorti’s opening in Miami’s South Beach marks a milestone for both the brand as well as the beach; as this is the boutique’s very first foray into the US market. How are they approaching this radical new venture? Coltorti has decided to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and tackle the market in a way that marries modern means with the tradition of excellence that they’ve always upheld. It’s no surprise, to that end, that Coltorti has commissioned the help of The brpr Group to break into previously uncharted territories [by them] including the integration of social media; a movement that brpr is quite vocal about supporting.

The brpr team, led by partners Gerard Bush, Christopher Renz, and Jennifer Batchelor, will also be responsible for spearheading the art direction and media placement for the boutique, a feat that will leave an indelible first footprint for the brand, in the Miami Beach sands.

Here’s a sneak peek at an image from their first brand-focused shoot, officially dubbed: Coltorti Helipad. Standing tall within the Herzog & de Meuron-constructed 1111 building, the Coltorti-clad model represents what they believe their buyer will be; a savvy woman will places to go and people to see, but no leniency about doing it in style.

Of course, you won’t be shocked to hear that the boutique will bear the best in European ready-to-wear. You’ll find your Dolce’s and your Balmain; your Valentino and your Fendi, but the selection of exclusive arrangements from the likes of Moncler, Vionnet, and Shourouk add an extra try-finding-this-elsewhere edge. We like edge!

Coltorti Miami, 1113 Lincoln Road, 786-517-1330.

Follow them on twitter for the latest: @ColtortiMiami