All in the Mix: Intermix CEO Khajak Keledjian Talks Shop and the Power of Intermixing in Retail

It turns out that the retail giant that is Intermix wasn’t always intended to grow to super-sized proportions. What began as one boutique in New York’s Flatiron district just happened to explode. Most likely due to the foresight of brothers-cum-business partners Khajak and Haro Keledjian who knew that intermixing brands to create an aesthetic that appealed to a particular lifestyle would speak to shopping women in a clear voice.

Today, 17 years later, the brand is ready for a, well, rebranding. Haute Living caught up with Khajak to talk new initiatives that span from tweaks in corporate identity to merchandising in an effort to bring the original concept up to today’s standards. Their goal is not, however, to cater solely to a new clientele, but to take the very best care of those who have been loyal shoppers from the get-go. And much of this lies in their approach to buying. Delivering the very best in coveted, established brands, they’ve got that Givenchy leopard bag you’ve been dying for in the window, as well as up-and-comers that they scour the planet for, the experience is one I’d liken to a treasure hunt. They provide the map.

And although expansion is in the cards, the growth will be one of specific selection. “The juice has to be worth the squeeze,” says Khajak about international breakthroughs. Adding that their online shopping experience is another element on which they are working, to cater to shoppers far and away, but that opening new boutiques in places like, say, his hometown of Beirut, Lebanon may not be the most efficient at this moment. His reasons are many and his commentary on that and other subjects ran rampant; but for the entire scoop, you’ll have to wait for the October issue of Haute Living Magazine’s East Coast additions where I’ll take you on a trip through Intermix: The man and the brand.

You’ll also get a sneak peek of Mr. Mix’s (as the bloggers who follow him to catch a shot of his perfectly edited outfits often call him) private home, which I’ll confirm is as chic as his boutiques.

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