The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel to Build Luxury Media Room

With hotel amenities better than ever, it is no surprise that even the classic lodgings are trying to keep pace with today’s technological needs. In that spirit, The Fairmont San Francisco has announced plans to construct a state-of-the-art Media Room in their landmark hotel.

The media center will be comprised of four sections: the entry, the lounge, the central game room and the screening room. Guests have the option to reserve the individual facilities or combine the rooms to suite their need.

The lounge section will feature a variety of amenities including a Microsoft Surface interactive table that allows guests to browse the internet and play table top games in addition to a Bang & Olufsen music system that functions as a digital jukebox. Monitors in the lounge will serve as both a general entertainment center and a monitor for corporate presentations.

Guest can easily keep their children entertained in the central gaming center. This room will feature two gaming stations including a X-Box and a Wii and a station where music can be downloaded to guests’ MP3 players. They will also host two iMac desktops for general use.

In addition, the screening room can function for entertainment or corporate purposes. It has the capacity to screen movies or corporate presentations as well as function as a large scale gaming screen for the X-Box and Wii systems.

The Media Room will be just another fantastic amenity boasted by this luxury hotel. Construction on The Fairmont San Francisco’s Media Room is scheduled to conclude in July of 2011.

The Fairmont San Francisco is located on Nob Hill at 950 Mason St., San Francisco. For reservations, call 1-800-441-1414 or visit