Puppy Love: Pawsh Boutique

You love your pooch.  Perhaps even more than you love your significant other (we won’t tell).  And while you pamper yourself in and out of the spas, boutiques and salons of the Back Bay – you feel terrible curbing your poor little puppy.  Your furry little best friend deserves better and Pawsh Boutique and Spa can give your canine friend all the love, attention and pampering he or she deserves.

Located just off Newbury Street at Gloucester St in Boston’s Back Bay, Pawsh is all things puppy in one fabulously posh complex. Head first to the salon for primping and preening (appointments are available via phone reservations).  Services include wash, dry, brush, ear cleaning, nail trim and grooming as well as a la carte services that include tooth cleaning and anal expression.  Though we are not sure what the latter service really entails, considering dogs greet one another with a friendly sniff to the back end, this sounds important.

Next, peruse the selections in Pawsh’s boutique.  No longer is there a need to have someone schlep out to the suburbs to get your dog his favorite food, treats and accessories. Pawsh has everything to keep your doggie smiling, even some uniquely Pawsh items that the large chain stores neglect to stock. Organic food and treats, toys, collars, apparel, bags, beds and more can all be found here. And, if you find just the type of dog food your pup can’t be without, food delivery service is also available.

Now you can be sure to have your pooch looking as pretty or as handsome as you are.

Location: 31 Gloucester St., Back Bay, Boston 617.391.0880 pawshboston.com