Haute Steak: BLT & STK

If you are looking for a great steak in Los Angeles, all you need is three little letters. Whether you choose to eat at BLT or STK, either restaurant will deliver unbelievable food in a beautiful setting. With all the other steak houses out there, these three-lettered restaurants have officially become household slang.

BLT Steak
With locations all over the world including Hawaii and New York, foodies were excited when BLT Steak made its mark on Sunset Boulevard to deliver some of the most incredible dishes LA has to offer. The popularity behind BLT Steak isn’t just for the aged meat selection. With dishes such as popovers and Parmesan Gnocchi, the food at BLT is extraordinary and every visit offers diners a new experience. The array of sauces alone, from Blue Cheese to Peppercorn, will keep you coming back for more and always wanting to try something new. And for seafood lovers out there, BLT in Los Angeles offers fresh selections as well as raw bar staples.

BLT Steak is located at 8720 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, Calif.

This celebrity hideaway not only brings in the Hollywood crowd, but also brings in people who can’t get enough of the amazing dishes STK is always serving. With beautifully presented steak and seafood dishes, STK made sure that side dishes and appetizers could hold their own against the main course. Side dishes including parmesan truffle fries and toppings such as foie gras butter or black truffles make each dish unique and delicious. The chefs and mixologists at STK also make sure the dessert and cocktail menus are just as superb as the dinner items. The dessert menu is filled with fun and exciting options such as a mini ice cream cone sampler and cheesecake lollipops to end on a high note.

STK is located at 755 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles

Three letters
Two reasons to eat out
One amazing meal