Haute Secrets New York: Heidi Lee

Haute Secrets New York

Name: Heidi Lee

The stats: Born in New York; living in New York for 13 years in the Manhattan area.

Why She Loves New York: It has the highest concentration of talented and beautiful people in the world no matter who you are there is something for you. Also the energy is infectious!

Heidi Lee is living the dream of art aficionados everywhere as a contemporary art consultant and appraiser. She is the founder of Heidi Lee Art Advisory where she provides modern and contemporary art consulting, and she is also founder/owner of EditionedArt, a limited editions art gallery. As a member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA) Lee is certified to provide the highest standard of curatorial consultation. She is currently an independent advisor for high end clients including JP Morgan Chase, Sotheby’s and Christie’s international auction houses, and the Armory Show. Lee lives in New York City where she volunteers her spare time at local schools and art charities.

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