ESVEDRA and Swarovski Team up with Falling Whistles to Raise Money for Peace

Everyday, thousands of innocent children are abducted from their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Young girls are raped or sold as sexual slaves, and boys as young as seven are forced into the frontlines of battle. Over the past ten years, some 6 million people have been killed as a result of this war.

With faith and compassion, the non-profit organization, Falling Whistles: A Campaign for Peace in Congo, was founded in an effort to raise awareness about the war, advocate peace, and one by one, save the lives of these children. The charity’s signature whistles are meant to serve as a representation of the whistles worn by the young warriors, too young to carry guns, to help scare away the enemy. They also symbolize a worldwide call to action — urging people to pay attention to the unfortunate crisis. Falling Whistles gives the world the chance to instantly turn what these children see as a weapon into a powerful voice and in convert the masses into whistleblowers for peace.

The brand’s most recent push comes by way of an exclusive collaboration with sophisticated design brand, ESVEDRA and Swarovski crystals; a marriage that results in the birth of a limited-edition collection of furniture and, of course, blinged-out whistles that will debut to Miami’s elite, tomorrow night, at an über-exclusive Masquerade Ball at the private Miami Beach residence of Prime 112 restaurateur, Nelson Fox. The guest list: veritable who’s who of masked socialites who will have the opportunity to view these stunning ESVEDRA pieces first-hand while stylishly mingling — incognito — among Buddha heads and cotton candy machines.

Haute Living will be there to join voices with this elite group in an effort to shout a message of hope across unmatched social networks; a banding together that’s sure to add to the Falling Whistles following which thus far includes the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce Knowles, to name a few.

Tomorrow night, 10 percent of ESVEDRA’s sales are being donated to Falling Whistles, and although this masquerade event is invitation-only, you too can partake in this noble cause by purchasing your own falling whistle at where 100 percent of your contribution will go directly to the cause.

And since we know you like it haute, you can buy the special Swarovski crystal-encrusted whistles at Curve boutiques.

Beyonce supports Falling Whistles
Gweneth Paltrow supports Falling Whistles