Dow Me, Baby

Oahu’s own custom jewelry designer Jason Dow is gaining national acclaim after recently taking first place at the 2010 Saul Bell Design Awards in the Gold/Platinum category. Dow is all about integrating ancient aesthetic inspirations with modern technique, as he’s one of very few using computer aided design also known as CAD.

Following a stint at Maui Divers jewelry, Dow discovered an entrepreneurial niche in creating custom wedding rings for local and visiting Hawaii brides. He launched is own company a little over three years ago with collections featuring his signature latticework made with 18-karat gold and platinum. This attention to detail combined with his state of the art computer techniques enables Dow to create almost anything you could imagine.

Diamonds aren’t Dow’s only best friend, as he has a thing for all sorts of high quality moonstones. His art for making haute one-of-a-kind pieces out of stones like rubies, opals, and his personal favorite, royal blue moonstones is unparalleled. A heavy dose of Dow’s inspiration also comes from the ocean and East-meets-West cultural influences of Hawaii. Drawn toward ancient motifs and Eastern ancestry, he strives to integrate his unique ideas and spirituality in the designs with more modern, Western, and contemporary shapes.

Among his followers of brides to be a bevy of famous supermodels also swoon over Dow’s custom creations. His revolving collections are regularly requested to accessorize the swimsuit photo shoots for Sports Illustrated magazine.

Craving your very own custom bracelet, necklace, or ring? All of Dow’s designs are crafted at his fully operational Chinatown studio. Schedule a consultation with Dow where you’ll share your custom jewelry desires as he sketches out your vision. Following this, he’ll create a wax model for your creation enabling you to try it on, test the size, and ensure it fulfills all of your bauble, ring, and bracelet dreams.

Jason Dow Custom Jewelry is available by appointment at Coral Loft, 1033A Smith St., Chinatown, 808.722.3988.