A Haute Eats Pick NYC – Pó

Known as the restaurant that Mario Batali once called home, Pó has grown into a restaurant of it’s own right and namesake. Under the direction of Executive Chef Lee McGrath and Fredi Romero, diners enjoy fresh cuisine and exquisite service.

Haute Highlights

  • Couples – Pó is perfect for date night. Tables set for two (or four four a double), it’s a romantic cozy atmosphere for getting to know someone new over candlelight dinner and freshly poured Prosecco.
  • Service – It’s a place where the host, server and bartender will remember your name time and time again. There is a neighborhood quality that is unique unto Pó. Quaint and homey, you will want to return nightly.
  • Grilled Salmon, balsamic glaze & squash caponata – Get your omega-3 fix with this ultra healthy dish. The salmon is tender and refreshing and the balsamic glaze will keep you salivating for days.

Chapman Chopping Block

  • Need for newness. There is classic and then there is tired. Your reservation on the same 89-cent clipboard that Crane has used for every day of Pó’s existence since 1993 is nostalgic and charming in its own way. When the once signature White Bean Bruschetta becomes a mere routine and the pasta special feels reheated from the night before, it’s time for some revitalization.

is located at 31 Cornelia Street, New York, NY 212.645.2189