Wannajet: The New Company Making it Easy to Fly In Style

Wanna get away? Whether you’re off on a business trip to Chicago or a leisurely vacay to Miami, new company WannaJet wants you to travel in the lap of luxury. Launched in June, WannaJet is the first to offer community flights on private jets for the price of commercial business class tickets.

Claustrophobia setting in? Don’t grab the doggie bag just yet. Maximum capacity on the jet is 6 people, with a minimum of 4 to ensure you get the best price. So, no long bathroom lines or full overhead bins. Hungry? Pass on the mystery chicken or fish. Catering companys like New York City’s Tasting NYC will create a gourmet meal suited to fit your discernable palate. They’ll even ask you what newspaper they can have waiting for you upon arrival.

The process: Post your own ideal itinerary or join one that already exists on the WannaJet website, then wait until enough people join your group and then your itinerary is confirmed (no cancellation fee if this doesn’t end up happening). Wannajet then finds you a jet and voila, you’re on your way in the swiftest style in the sky.

Some perks: Small airports, no costly memberships, no security lines or baggage claim, and the odds of you sitting next to that chatty grandmother from Philadelphia with the wallet full of cat photos are slim to none.

In 2009, WannaJet Founder and CEO Phillipe Bo, a native Parisian who previously worked for Peugot and General Electric, began pursuing his dream of bridging the loss of excitement in air travel and the under-use of private jets. Now, thanks to his unique vision, the biggest luxury in air travel is available to a different demographic.

Direct flights are available out of Dallas to San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans and Houston, and you can hop another national flight from one of these partner airports.

Visit wannajet.com for more information and to see what flights are currently available.