To Dye For Exhibit Opening at the de Young July 31

It’s no secret that tie-dye has been making a comeback on the runways as of recent; a trend that has been around for years is currently in the process of making a revival. But it’s not just tie-dye that is exciting the fashion world all over again—it’s dye in general. Opening at the de Young on July 31 is “To Dye For: A World Saturated in Color,”  which explores the trends of dye in general and how it has influenced the entire fashion world. Running through January 9th, 2011, the exhibition is going to feature over 50 different textiles from around the world.

While most think tie-dye is where it stops, you’ll be intrigued to know that this is only one method of the resist-dye process. Different methods of resist dyeing include tie-dye, stitch-resist, batik or wax-resist dyeing, stencil-resist, mordant-resist, as well as a variety of other fun and funky dye techniques. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s textile curator, Jill D’Alessandro, had this to say of the exhibit: “To Dye For not only highlights the museum’s impressive permanent collection of textiles, but also shows how cultures across the world have used similar techniques for centuries—with results that are sometimes similar, and at other times startlingly different. The end result will be a stunning array of textures, patterns and color.”

Although the exhibit will primarily highlight dyeing techniques of different cultures around the world, there will be some high end dyed couture showcased as well. Included in the exhibition is a tie-dye evening gown from Rodarte’s 2009 collection and an ikat trench coat from Oscar de La Renta’s 2005 collection. Both looks paved the way for the recent tribal infused pieces that have been popping up in plenty of spring and summer collections.

To Dye For: A World Saturated in Color is organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and supported by Dr. Donald Breyer and Mary F. Connors. To Dye For is curated by Jill D’Alessandro.

For more information please visit the De Young website.