Free Agent Frenzy: Will Dwyane Wade Stay or Go?

The day has finally come. Today marks the official first day of NBA’s free agency period. For Miamians, this year is particularly nerve-racking as we anxiously await if our beloved Dwyane Wade will decide to stay or go. The Heat star is featured on the cover of Haute Living Miami’s June/July 2010 issue and explains in his interview how he truly appreciates the loyalty and love that the city has for him, yet he still wants to explore his options. He has repeatedly said he would like to stay with the Heat, but ultimately wants a more lucrative contract that would help him further his legacy.

Arguably, this year’s free agency period contains one of the greatest free agent classes ever. With talents like Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh up for grabs, the outcome of the week’s results may drastically change the way NBA seasons play out in the future.

It is even speculated the trio convened in Miami last weekend to discuss their future career moves with one another. This has many wondering whether or not Wade is holding out to sign on to the team along with James or Bosh (or both!) to create a powerful triumvirate for The Heat.

Rumors are abuzz, and today Wade has already met with the Chicago Bulls, though nothing was officially announced. He is also scheduled to meet with The Nets later on today. And although he can make a decision any time in the next week, nothing will be finalized by the NBA until July 8.

In the meantime, we can only cling to our “Miami-Wade county,” dream and hope the NBA all-star will stay in the heat.