Suiting up in Duca Sartoria

Clothing Photography by Tatijana Shoan

Summer has finally arrived, and with it, of course, comes the heat. But the soaring temps are not an excuse to look sloppy. Your image is at stake. Yet arriving at the office looking like a sweaty mess will negatively affect your image as much as if you showed up in a short-sleeve button down—the ultimate men’s fashion faux pas.

To keep your cool during the sweltering New York summer months, put your dark, heavy suits in storage and opt for lighter shades and fabrics. For a current look, opt for cotton pants with fine stripes, paired with a Sea Island cotton shirt. When you get to the office, complete the look with an off-white blazer to shield off the chill from the blasting air conditioning.

Even on casual Friday, those short-sleeve shirts are still a no-no. For a classic, casual look that’s still aggressive, go for a nice cashmere and silk jacket in a royal blue. The patched pockets in the style shown here give it a less formal look, and the material is light enough for the summer months. A crisp, white shirt with contrasting light and royal blue stripes is a perfect complement for the blazer.

But it is casual Friday, and you want to be comfortable and ready to head to the Hamptons as soon as you can escape from the office. These khaki linen pants, with the drawstring waist, allow you to head east as soon as you are done synching your phone one last time—no need to take the time to change.

Outside of the office, this season’s styles allow you to have some fun. Ditch the jacket and wear button-downs in bolder, stronger shades than usual, which negates the need to tuck them in. The same style of linen pants with the drawstring waist that work for casual Friday can be your weekend uniform as well, no belt or suspenders needed. If you are feeling really festive, pick up a pair in light green, blue, or even white. A fair warning: they might inspire you to hop a plane to Saint-Tropez to party in style. And, of course, if you are heading to Sardegna, be sure to pack them; in Italy, we love the fun colors the summer allows us to experiment with.

Enjoy the season.



Duca Sartoria
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