New Seafood Restaurant Dives in to the Design District

Miami’s chef Jonathan Eismann will soon bring us Fin, the newest seafood restaurant in the Design District. Unlike most of the other fish in the sea, Fin’s atmosphere is more authentic to its nature, exuding a fresh-off-the-boat New England vibe. Its décor complements this aesthetic with a style so distinctive, allowing guests to escape—if only for an hour or two—out of the eccentricity that is Miami and into a more humbled atmosphere.

More than an escape route, Fin offers catches from a variety of the freshest locations (read: not the Gulf of Mexico), and at a price that is mere pocket change—all entrees are priced under $19 and all wine selections, under $29.

Menu items include line-caught black Oregon cod pan-roasted with miso, sweet sake and mustard oil; sockeye salmon from Sitka, which is Alaska oak-smoked and served with whole grain mustard; and halibut fillets cooked in organic olive oil and butter. Picky palates need not worry—aside from its seafood, Fin also offers roast chicken and short ribs.

Located on the West End of the Design District (4029 N. Miami Ave.), Fin is set to open this Monday, June 28. Grab your crew and indulge in a little getaway.