Haute Secrets Los Angeles: Barbara Guggenheim

Haute Secrets Los Angeles

Name: Barbara Guggenheim

The stats: Born outside of Philadelphia, lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, practically a native. She currently lives in Malibu.

Why she loves Los Angeles: Walking across the city and seeing what a melting pot we are.

From writing on The Huffington Post to advising clients on the purchase of priceless artworks, Barbara Guggenheim has done it all. This doctor in African art from Columbia University has taught at Rutgers University, been head lecturer at the Whitney Museum, and has obtained practical experiences at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. In 1980 she founded Guggenheim, Asher Associates, an art advisory service that unlike typical art dealers under great pressure to sell, works on behalf of the clients best interests. Because of this, Coca-Cola, Sony, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg have sought her services when the goal is not just buying art, but buying the right art at the right price. As a writer, Guggenheim has written several humor articles for W and Elle magazines. She has also written three books, Decorating on eBay: Fast & Stylish on a Budget, Handkerchiefs: A Collector’s Guide, and her latest, The Ultimate Organizer, co-authored with Nadine Schiff. This ultimate book helps women control the chaos and bring back order into their lives: “The Ultimate Organizer is the resource that allows you to store every phone number, checklist and piece of information in one place. So much more than a daily planner, The Ultimate Organizer includes a workbook and CD filled with checklists for every area of your life: cars, pets, kids, finances, beauty, you name it. This sassy and practical tool will leave you running your life instead of your life running you.”

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