Experience Miami Spa Month at the Fontainebleau’s Lapis Spa

As July 4 nears, we know that the hectic “in season” in South Florida is long over. Miamians are being rewarded for enduring months of crowded streets and beaches with some pretty haute deals that encourage locals to emerge from AC-induced reverse-hibernation and take advantage of the best the city has to offer. While Miami Spice, three-course dinners at the city’s top restaurants for $35 ($22 for lunch), doesn’t kick off until August 1, in two short days, Miami Spa Month invites visitors and locals alike to indulge in “relaxation at its finest” at some of the country’s top-ranked spas, with discounted treatments available throughout July and August.

This includes the serene two-level Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. For just $99, guests can indulge in a 50-minute Swedish, Aromatic Blend, or Hot Stones Rick Massage; a 50-minute Squeaky Clean Oxygen Restore or Men’s Club Facial; or a Speedy Yet Effective Facial plus Lapis Mineral Soak and Lapis Pedicure (90 minutes total).

Most of these treatments generally run from $125 and up, so it’s quite the deal, but many local spas are offering some pretty nice deals. However, this is the Fontainebleau, the iconic 1950s resort that underwent a $1 billion transformation, which it debuted to the adoring public with a party complete with a bevy of Victoria’s Secret Angels. The property tends to take luxury to the next level, and Lapis is no exception to that norm.

It’s more than just a spa; it’s a 40,000-square-foot transformative experience that harnesses the natural qualities of water to restore and renew. The Fontainebleau spa experience begins with the Lapis Ritual Water Elements, mineral-enriched water therapies that complement the spa services—complimentary. Experience the elements by slipping into the 104-degree Immersion Mineral Water Jet Bath, then stroll through the Elements Rain Tunnel, where multiple gets massage with water at various temperatures. In the Energy Deluge Shower, jets propel warm water over the body, while in the Bleau Rain Room, the soothing hue is enhanced by cascades of water. The Eucalyptus Infusion Steam helps remove toxins from the body, while the Hammam Benches spread throughout the space provide havens for relaxation. The 75-foot Essence Mineral Co-Ed Pool is treated with a nutrient-rich red seaweed extract that helps soften skin.

I recently tried the Speedy Yet Effective Facial and found it to be perfect for anyone with a harried schedule. Much like many other men and women, time is a precious commodity that is hard to come by, so while I understand the importance of taking care of my skin, lengthy facials are not a top priority. This treatment got right down to business, cleansing pores, exfoliating, and hydrating in a condensed timeframe that let me spend more time actually relaxing in the Water Elements instead of getting my face squeezed and prodded. In short, it was my ideal treatment–quick, to the point, and effective.

What’s more, guests of Lapis also have access to the resort’s gym and nine pools, which is worth the price of admission alone. And with valet a reduced $7, the only thing that should cause stress this summer is the thought that you aren’t being pampered at the Fontainebleau.