Dancing Queen: The Haute 5 Dance Clubs in Phoenix

There are places to get your Latin or jazz groove on around the Valley, but with such a vibrant rock, hip-hop, and pop-loving community in this city, we thought we’d pay tribute to the Haute 5 upscale locales where guys and gals can either strut their young stuff or return to their prime as the dancing queen (or king!) of the night.


Revolver’s style could be defined as country kicked up a notch. Maybe several notches, actually. Decorated in earthy browns, beiges, coppers, and even faux-alligator skins on the bar, Revolver (formerly the space of SIX Lounge) is a Western-inspired nightclub that has been drawing an attractive crowd night after night. Pop star Rihanna even partied it up here to the DJ’s Top 40 and hip-hop beats just a few weeks after the club had opened. Thursday nights are for young professionals, when the Revolver’s usual routine gets changed up a bit in the form of culinary, fashion, or special DJ events.

Revolver is located 7316 E. Stetson Drive in Scottsdale  480.946.2005

Devil’s Martini North

A flurry of late twentysomethings and older regularly hit up Devil’s Martini North dressed to impressed on the weekends. Decorated in whites, this lounge has a dance floor, as well as a spacious outdoor patio where guests can enjoy, yes, the many varied – and delicious – martini concoctions. The music is mainly Top 40 hits, and don’t be surprised to see the occasional tabletop dancer … Then again, things are bound to get a little frisky at a place named “Devil’s Martini,” wouldn’t you say?

Devil’s Martini North is located at 10825 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale  480.348.1666

Angels & Outlaws

One of the great things about Angels & Outlaws is that they know how to allow guests to have fun without ever letting things get out of control. That means there is something of a dress code and certain behavior guidelines that must be followed in order to guarantee everyone is able to enjoy their evening to the fullest, dancing the night away to the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, lounge, commercial dance, and house music. The sound system is great, and the gorgeous patio has ultra-chic lighting with cozy seating areas.

Angels & Outlaws is located at 6990 E. Shea Blvd. in Scottsdale  480.991.0921

Dirty Pretty Rockbar

Dirty Pretty boasts a luxe interior, combining elegant European flair and a hint of grunge. Think lots of velvet, crystal chandeliers – basically, if the Rolling Stones had a lair, it might look a lot like this. And Dirty Pretty plays edgier music than most other club venues in Scottsdale, with regular beats including rock, Brit-pop, alternative, new wave, and some Top 40 thrown in for good measure, all spun by DJs who like to mix things up and keep the sound fresh. True to its cause, the dance floor is huge – it’s sometimes hard to tell just exactly where it begins and ends – and the bartenders are friendly and generous.

Dirty Pretty Rockbar is located at  7443 E. Sixth Avenue in Scottsdale  480.970.1222

White House

Columns and all, the White House lives up to its name, featuring an all-white interior and a stately setup. Oh, there’s also the dazzling disco ball in the center of the room. Long bars flank either side of the dance floor, making beverage breaks convenient, and after 10 p.m., there’s a strict dress code enforced, meaning no hats, baggy clothing, or athletic wear. And for the love of Tim Gunn, no flip-flops either, thank goodness. Drinks are reasonably priced, and there’s convenient garage parking just behind the club. On their site, you can find more information about getting on their guest list and reserving a V.I.P. table.

White House is located at 4225 N. Craftsmans Court in Scottsdale  480.941.2600