To Mom, With Love: The Haute 5 Mother’s Day Gifts in Los Angeles

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that by spoiling mom on her special day, you secure yourself better gifts for the rest of the year.  Hold her purse, carry the takeout food for her, book a reservation at her favorite place for tea, and let her play DJ in the car on the way – you can get through listening to Il Divo for one car ride, we’re sure.  For Angeleno moms, it’s not just enough to book afternoon tea (and suffer through it), you’ve also got to shower her with gifts that let her know that you were, indeed, listening.  That you’re always listening because when she talks, you know it’s important.  Here are the haute 5 gifts from local LA outposts basically open just to help you. Because a happy mom is the kind of mom who’ll buy more things on your birthday wishlist.

Beverly Hills Cheese Store – Chocolate, Cheese, and Wine Tasting

For the consummate cook and perfect hostess, let mom kick her heels up and taste pairings that someone else put together.  At her own parties, she’s the last to eat and the first to start cleaning up (or that’s what she’d have you believe anyway), so this weekend at the Beverly Hills Cheese Store treat her to their wine, cheese, and chocolate tastings.  They’ll be pairing and pouring on Friday night from 7 – 9pm (for the early starters) and on Sunday from 12 – 5pm.  She can’t turn down a Santa Barbara rose.

Beverly Hills Cheese Store is located at 419 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills (310) 278-2855

Bliss Spa (Hollywood or Westwood)

Any mother on a first name basis with her Sephora shopping consultant will appreciate a La Mer Miraculous Beginnings set from Bliss Spa.  With locations in Westwood and Hollywood, westside and eastside moms can all enjoy more glowing skin, all thanks to you.  If she’s not into La Mer (yeah, right), perhaps try wrapping a bow around the Bliss Oxygen Trio or the Laboratoire Remede Complete Hydra Therapy Collection – both from Bliss Spa.  The best part is you get a free ‘glam’-packed goody bag if you spend more than $80 on mom (she’s worth it) that includes gifts from the likes of David Kirsch, Zelens, 3LAB, and more. You’re such a do-gooder.

Bliss Spa is located in the W Hotels in Westwood and Hollywood. Click here for more.

Henri Bendel

Mom never feels complete without her bits and baubles.  Like a barracuda, she’s easily distracted by shiny, sparkly things – the bigger the better.  That’s why we’re actually encouraging you to make a pit stop at the Beverly Center. (We know.) There’s an Henri Bendel there and it’s worth the trek – snag mom a classic enamel bangle (or 4), an enormous Debutante cocktail ring, something made of leather, or perhaps a delicious Bendel candle.  She’ll think you picked something up for her on your last trip to New York.  You’re so thoughtful.

Henri Bendel is located at 8500 Beverly Blvd in the Beverly Center (310) 358-9378

Elisabetta Rogiani Fitness Wear

In Los Angeles, moms don’t look anything like moms – they are blonde bombshells and high-powered-fast-talking-super-fit-execs.  That means one thing in particular, she can’t head into yoga in last year’s Lulu Lemons!  Get her outfitted in the best of the best with Elisabetta Rogiani’s fitness wear.  She will literally never buy yoga pants from anywhere else.  Rogiani creates the most comfortable sports bras, shorts, stretch pants and custom ‘sets’ that will make everyone at Barry’s Boot Camp staring at your mum’s buns.  (That’s really a gift for her, not you.) With stores selling her wares all over town, it’s not hard to make sure you mom looks and feels her best when she’s lifting those 5-pounders.

Rogiani is located at 7466 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles (323) 634-7383. For other locations, please click here.

Fornasetti Home Decor

If you’re mother is the kind of woman whose closet you’d raid, whose house you always steal choice pieces from, and whose car you envy, then try to re-stock her design-filled world with something Fornasetti, available in Barney’s home décor section.  Known for their eccentric plates and vases, Fornasetti goes well in the homes of the bold and the beautiful.  There are coffee table books to be had as well, including Patrick Mauries’ Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams.  Mom’s reputation for loving only the chicest, conversation-starting wares will remain in tact and you’ll have something new to nick from her living room cabinets.  She’ll probably notice these ones are gone though.

Barney’s is located at 9570 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills (310) 276-4400

Bonus round –

You’ve never really had a way with words.  Well, Leah Dieterich does and she’s particularly mastered the art of the thank you card.  On her website ThxThxThx, she writes short (but very sweet) thank you cards to anything and everything from Odd-Shaped Bruises on her Thigh to Curse Words and she’ll provide the ultimate in Mother’s Day card-writing inspiration.  The perfect card will have a bit of a clever streak, some mushy-mom-love-stuff, a childhood memory, and a memorable one-liner at the end (preferably an inside joke).  Just make sure you don’t mix up your thank you notes – that one you wrote to that neon yellow highlighter wouldn’t speak the volumes you likely intended for mom.