Plastic: Good in Your Pocket and On Your Feet

Being a child of the ‘80s, one of my fondest memories besides slap bracelets, tamagotchi, pogs, and big hair was jelly shoes. Luckily for us, following in the footsteps of humble predecessors neon, leggings and leg warmers, they’re the next old trend making a big comeback.

And this time around, they’re not just for middle schoolers. Introducing Melissa Shoes, a Brazilian line of plastic shoes that has taken AKIRA, Chicago and Hollywood by storm.

But this is no ordinary plastic. The company uses a patented, extra-flexible PVC component called MELFLEX, a super-comfortable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free plastic that makes your feet feel like you’re walking on air. Another upgrade from the ‘80s, instead of the plastic smell, Melissa infuses all of her shoes with a sweet bubblegum scent that remain for a few months. Think of it as a new car smell for your feet.

The brand’s strength is it’s brilliant collaborations with internationally-renowned artists. Jean Paul Gaultier and architect Zaha Hadid have worked with Melissa to create elegant, structural and shapely heels. Even international designer Vivienne Westwood has lent a hand at design.

Celebs fans include Katy Perry and Pamela Anderson who adore the Lady Dragon heels, while Julia Stiles, Isla Fisher, Dita Von Teese and Carey Mulligan choose the sleek Ultragirl Bow flats. For the flashier crowd or a big night out, the sparkly gold Corallos, frequently find a home on the feet of celebs like Jessica Biel and Vanessa Minnillo.

Melissa Shoes are available at Akira stores throughout the Chicagoland.