Out of the Humidor: Nosotros

If you bumped into Dion Giolito, you wouldn’t peg him as one of the premium cigar industry’s up and coming players, more likely pegging him as a rock-a-billy bass player who dabbles in UFC.  And, giving credit where credit is due, perhaps “up and coming” isn’t even accurate anymore since his inaugural brand Illusione has become one of the most sought after “boutique brands” on today’s market.  At this point, you should know I dislike the overuse of the term “boutique brand”, and I use it sparingly, but Giolito’s products are quite deserving considering his low production, high quality and great consistency to merit such distinction.
Originally (and still) a retailer in Reno, Nevada (Fumare), Giolito plunged into producing his own brand in 2007 and has slowly grown his portfolio ever since.  Until now, all of his cigars have been made in the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras.  However, Giolito’s newest brand “Nosotros” is being made in Nicaragua by the always innovative Drew Estate.  Nosotros is the Spanish word for “us”, paying homage to the cooperative nature of this project.  Among the most anticipated releases of the year after being debuted at the 2009 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailer’s Association in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Nosotros release was postponed until just a few weeks ago to allow further aging of the cigars, as well as to give space between many other new releases that arrived onto retailers’ shelves.
The Nosotros cigar  is made up of a Corojo wrapper from Nicaragua as well as aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.  The binder is a select Connecticut Habano tobacco that blends wonderfully with the rich Nicaraguan tobaccos adding some welcomed balance and roundess to this hearty blend.  These fabulous smokes come in boxes of 20 cigars and are available in 8 formats that range in price between $7.00-$12.00 per piece.