Om: The Haute 5 Yoga Studios in Dallas

It’s not really a stretch to recognize how important yoga can be in our daily lives. Meditate on the following haute 5 yoga studios in the Dallas area.

Vert Fitness and Wellness Center

Nestled behind Barcadia on Henderson Avenue, Vert Fit is probably the only thing that’s actually good for you on the bar strip. Haven’t perfected that Warrior Three pose yet? Try their Candlelight Yoga class, a great way to Downward Dog in the dark. Or you can check out their innovative BALLOGA class, a fusion of ballet and yoga taught by Mavs dancer and former Cowboys cheerleader Lauren Castillo. Bonus: all classes are semi-private, so you won’t be mat-to-mat with a fellow bender.

Vert Fitness and Wellness Center is located at 1909 Henderson Avenue in Dallas

Uptown Yoga

Uptown Yoga’s studio is the perfect arena for some meditative moving, with its open, airy floor plan and large windows that invite in tons of natural light. The instructors practice Vinyasa yoga, focusing on breath and improvement of flexibility and core strength. Owner Jennifer Chitwood gave the place a face lift in 2008, bringing in new teachers and creating the casual, peaceful environment Uptown Yoga is today.

Uptown Yoga is located at 2636 Thomas Avenue in Dallas

Sunstone Yoga

At their many locations around the metroplex, Sunstone Yoga focuses entirely on power yoga in a hot, 90 degree room (whew!) They divide their classes up into Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal series, all varying in pace and difficulty that are designed to reduce stress and improve strength and balance. Some classes close with a 30-minute restorative class to help the body wind down from the workout.  Feeling like your a true yogi? Try the 84 Asanas class, an 84-posture series that takes place over three hours every Friday at their Plano location.

To see a complete list of Sunstone Yoga locations, visit

Bikram Yoga

The first Bikram Yoga studio in Dallas, this is large space is home to the original Hatha Yoga, or “hot yoga.” With a basic 26 pose series, the classes take place in 105 degree room to ensure the body is warm and malleable. The heat also elevates the heart rate and increases circulation, which will help release the toxins in the muscles and glands. All certified Bikram yoga instructors complete an intense training by Bikram Choudhury himself out in LA, so you can be sure to get the best out of your sessions.

Bikram Yoga is located at 6333 E Mockingbird Lane, St 253 in Dallas

Bend Studio

Bend your mind and the rules at Bend Studio on Mckinney Avenue. From beginners to advanced practitioners, there is a class for everyone at Bend, including some specialized classes for those with back pain or high levels of stress. The studio also has a boutique with all kinds of yoga gear, scented candles and bath toiletries, and you can enjoy some local melodic samplings as Bend supports up and coming musical talents as well.

Bend Studio is located at 5014 McKinney Avenue in Dallas