LA Philharmonic Director Gustavo Dudamel and Chef Jose Andres Make “60 Minutes”

CBS’ 60 Minutes sure seems to have tapped into some haute names that have been on our “follow radar” for quite some time.

Last week, the news television program sent Anderson Cooper in to spend some time with one of our beloved culinary wizards José Andrés, where the Spanish chef expounded on everything from his fascination and push toward molecular gastronomy to his belief that our epicurean future lies in fruits and vegetables.

While José Andrés is a chef with many markets, so to speak, last night’s high-profile subject was a young 29-year-old who Angelenos are proud to call their own, though he actually hails from Venezuela. While the show certainly could not avoid delving into the greatness that has made LA Philharmonic Musical Director Gustavo Dudamel a household name here on the West Coast, the foundation of the segment was based on his dedication to his charitable work with “El Sistema.” This Venezuelan child orchestra system is a social program that uses music to impact the lives of children who might not have access to some of life’s greatest opportunities. It is a program that Dudamel himself was involved in at an early age, and something Quincy Jones supports here in the U.S., as Editorial Director Stephanie Wilson details in her most recent cover story of Haute Living Los Angeles.