Insider Scoop on the Changing of the Guard at Drai’s Hollywood

Since we first caught wind of all the haute happenings taking place around the W Hollywood, thanks in large part to info provided by one of our favorite realtors and top brokers, Russ Filice, we haven’t been able to get enough of it all. From the celebrity sightings, to the exclusive events, to the elite dining venues, not a day goes by that we aren’t getting new updates.

The latest comes from our friend, Editor Kat Odell, over at EaterLA. In one of her latest postings, Kat expounds on the news that Patrick Florendo took over the chopping block from executive chef Claude Segal at Drai’s Hollywood.

Victor Drai, co-owner of the trendy dining venue, tells EaterLA that the changing of the guard will result in a menu that is somewhat similar to a steakhouse, but expect gourmet additions that will include influences of southern French fare (read: olive oil and fresh veggies). Odell reports that Florendo will be revealing his new menu next week, quoting that guests can expect prime, kobe, lamb, and fish. “We will have the same focus but, a more modern approach. Things have to be a lot lighter in LA… no heavy short ribs or sauces,” the chef tells her.

Find out more of what Drai and Florendo had to say to EaterLA.

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