Dialing Up: Versace Launches First-Ever Touch Screen Mobile Phone

Forget the iPhone or tired BlackBerry. The latest “It” phone comes from an unexpected place: Versace. The luxury fashion house partnered with ModeLabs Group on its first ever touch-screen mobile phone called Unique. The luxury device is hand-assembled in France, and has some pretty nifty features.

First the face is made from high-tech ceramic or lacquer with your choice of an 18-karat gold or stainless steel finish. The back is covered in handcrafted leather—and leave it to Versace, known for their bold designs, to offer a color palette of pink, purple, or black.

South Korean tech giant LG Electronics is responsible for engineering the software—they have also teamed with Prada on its two previous mobile phones. Beginning next month Unique will be available in watch and fine jewelry shops, as well as Versace flagship boutiques. The cost? $6,747 for the basic model, and $8,464 for the ceramic-gold alligator skin model.